Behind the Brand

Hi, My name is Taniesha Thomas, Owner of 22 Glow. I'm very excited to share the brand with you, and create a relationship which allows us to take this journey of self care together.

22 Glow, LLC was birthed in 2020 when things in the world were uncertain. Like most others, for me life changed drastically. I was forced to lean into my experience with natural healing and care of my mind and body because many of the luxuries I was accustomed to were no longer available.

As a woman, mom, professional, (amongst the many other "titles" I wear) it became increasingly clear that my mental and physical wellness had to be a priority in order to "keep it together" enough to serve myself and those around me.

As the world began to settle, I realized the value of simplicity and felt others could benefit from what I've learned along my journey.

I hope 22 Glow helps you find peace and confidence in creating a sustainable wellness routine that fits your lifestyle. I'll be here cheering for you every step of the way!

Before you shop

Welcome to 22 Glow Body Naturals. We've created a quality experience with our products and services through research and dedication to the work. We confidently share our brand with you, however, please be advised that we are not experts and encourage you to consult with a physician for your specific  wellness needs. Our goal is to be complimentary to your self care journey and instrumental in helping you discover the value of taking care of yourself from the inside out.


Keep Glowing!

Taniesha Thomas